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Oh stars, show me who my prince is!

This is a fantastic idea :D Quite funny and I'm soooo curious :D

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Haha, Kristen, though it seemed to me that you liked this prince, you couldn't even dream that the stars say you'd make a great couple with him! :D And your Prince is...

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Because, any horoscope you'll read will refer to your birth sign, but it's not accurate!! So, it's another astrological point, which makes the difference! This point is equally important to your Sun Sign and it's called the Ascendant. It is indicative of our overall (physical and internal) appearance, the first impression the others form about us, in a personal sense, and how we form the first impressions when it comes to meeting new things and new people! Furthermore, it expresses the expectations we have from others, and how we start some thing new. For example, Roger Daltrey has Ascendant in Scorpio. This means that he has a mysterious and sexy "vibe", especially to those who see him for the first time! He can also be suspicious when he first meets new people. He's quite secretive when he starts something new, but he surely gives all his passion to it!! And, yay, next time you read your horoscope look at the predictions in both your Sun Sign and Ascendant! Your Sun sign, Moon sign and Ascendant form your basic astrological identity, just like your name, middle name (if you have), and last name!

Technically speaking, the Ascendant is the sign that rises at the "eastern sky" at the time of your birth. A new sign rises every 2 hours. This means that finding your Ascendant does definitely require your exact birth time!(The previous features about Venus, Mars, Sun and moon did not require birth time.)

So, now let's play!! Send me your birth date, your birth time, and place of birth (for those of you who haven't posted yet) and I'll find your Ascendant. You can also ask about your favourite stars' ones, but many rockstars do not have known birth times. If the rockstar you ask for does not have known birth time, I'll tell you so.

As for your matches, sorry if I am very late, but I start exams in 2 weeks and I have to study! However, I'll try to do as many matches as my free time allows. So, stay tuned.

Stars, find my cousin her prince!

So this application is for my cousin who is very curious and she doesn't have a lj account. I already ran it by zeppelinakias and she said it was ok:)

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Thanks Gina!

I'll write your name across the sky.

I'm very curious to see who I match up with according to the stars!

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Astrological Feature: Now let's play!!

Well, I just found out some very interesting stuff today...

As for us, women:
The Mars in a woman's chart is indicative of the kind of lover she wants, whereas the Sun (yeah, the sign of the month we were born) is indicative of the husband a woman wants. For example, Pattie Boyd has Mars in Gemini and Sun in Pisces. That means she really prefers a communicative lover when it comes to romance, but in marriage she will prefer a very idealistic, somehow absent-minded, sensitive and giving husband.

Are you curious about this? Please do post me a comment and I'll tell you what your preferences towards lovers and ideal husbands, according to your Mars and Sun placements! You will be really amazed! (You can also ask about rock women, hehehehehe!!)

As for men (and, yay, ROCKSTARS)
The Venus in a man's chart is indicative of the kind of lover they seek for a flirting or for having a romance, whereas the Moon is indicative of the kind of wife they want. For example, Jimmy Page has a very amazing contrast: His Venus In Sagittarius means he seeks women who are not very attached to him, are model-like and adventurous. However, when it comes to marriage, his Moon in Cancer means that he wants to marry a woman who is stable and seeks family!

Are you curious what are your favourite rockstars' preferences when it comes to romance or marriage? Be careful that their needs may be very contradictory! Please post a comment with your favourite rockstars' name (you can ask for more than one) and you will be surprised by what can be revealed from this Moon-Venus combination!

I decided it's time to play a bit...ENJOY!
It's your Prince, Veronica!!! Well, he's in a very famous band, and, believe it or not, you have a strong bond with him!! But anyway, your Prince is...

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