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Find me my price? Plz?

-Name: Rachael
-Full date of birth (day-month-year format): 16/10/1994
-Exact birth time: 16:16 (4:16pm)
-City of Birth: Loganlea (Kingston (Qld) is a close town if needed)
-State of Birth (for those born in the US):
-Country of Birth: Australia
-Tell us some things about yourself (6-10 sentences are ok):  I enjoy listening to music. I love art and drawing. I love to debate my point. I'm pretty outgoing. People always tell me i give good advise so i guess i do lol, they also tell me i'm a great listener.
-What are your turn-ons on a man (personality traits): mysterious, can talk about anything in any environment, romantic in a thoughtful way not in a hollywood way (like cleaning up something rather than buying a bunch of flowers kinda thing), good manners, can laugh at themselves (good sense of humour), kinda childish :)
-What are your turn-offs on a man (personality traits): act different towards you in front of friends, always picks on you're bad traits and ignores your good ones, is too clingy

Thanks for you're time