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 -Name: Laura
-Full date of birth (day-month-year format): 14-12-89
-Exact birth time: 6:21 AM
-City of Birth: Adelaide
-State of Birth (for those born in the US): N/A
-Country of Birth: Austraila
-Tell us some things about yourself (6-10 sentences are ok): Music is my favorite thing, I love many bands, but all the bands I like are of rock music. My absolute favorite band is Judas Priest, but I also love Led Zeppelin, The Who, Iron Maiden, Beatles, and a whole bunch of others. I love to play my Gibson Flying V Guitar, and painting portraits. I am a huge lover of animals, especially the Snow Leopard. I love the ocean, and being outdoors. KK Downing is my dream man. I really love making things and learning new facts about history. I write stories all the time, and have over 40 notebooks full of stories. 
-What are your turn-ons on a man (personality traits): I really like a man with a very possitive out look on life. I like him to be confident with himself. A bit of a mischevous streak, and definitly someone who can joke and be joked with. I love a gentle, animal loving soul. And very romantic, even if he can be a bit cheesy about it. Also I love a good listener who can relate to me, and not be weirded out by my sometimes very strange ideas. An Art lover who is very deep and has a great amount of intelligence.  
-What are your turn-offs on a man (personality traits): I really hate it when a man has bad manners. And meanness of any kind, towards people or animals. I don't like a man who acts like he is superior to others. And lastly, I don't like a man who is snobbish.


Ps. I hope you can find me a match. :D