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Stars, please find me my prince!

-Name: Morgaine
-Full date of birth (day-month-year format): 20-03-92
-Exact birth time: 12:03 PM
-City of Birth: Calgary
-State of Birth (for those born in the US): N/A
-Country of Birth: Canada
-Tell us some things about yourself (6-10 sentences are ok): Well, I must say that music plays a very large part in my life, and because of this, I started to play the bass guitar about five years ago. I tend to be quite introverted, infinitely preferring listening than speaking. I love to draw, it's my favourite emotional outlet before playing my bass. As it turns out, I have a long hair fetish because of Led Zeppelin. Which I also love with all my heart. I idolize Jimmy Page (not to mention think he's friggen hot) and Geddy Lee of Rush. They both inspire me greatly.
-What are your turn-ons on a man (personality traits): They have GOT to be funny. Funny usually translates to the natural ability to flirt with me, which I absolutely love. They have to be able to carry a conversation (which is surprisingly difficult for some guys), otherwise it just gets awkward. They have to have a good sense of humor, but at the same time be able to talk seriously with me. Also trustworthy.
-What are your turn-offs on a man (personality traits): Conceitedness. I hate a guy who thinks only about himself, or thinks he's the shit. I absolutely hate bullshitters too. 

Please and thank you! ♥