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I just found this community via daltreydammit, and I'm quite thrilled to find my results!
Here it goes!Collapse )
I have the application complete but there's a problem.
Even when i'm not a nw user of LJ, i don't know how to post an LJcut.
I'm argentinian so...xD!
Thanks in advance for the help.

Find me my price? Plz?

 -Name: Laura
-Full date of birth (day-month-year format): 14-12-89
-Exact birth time: 6:21 AM
-City of Birth: Adelaide
-State of Birth (for those born in the US): N/A
-Country of Birth: Austraila
-Tell us some things about yourself (6-10 sentences are ok): Music is my favorite thing, I love many bands, but all the bands I like are of rock music. My absolute favorite band is Judas Priest, but I also love Led Zeppelin, The Who, Iron Maiden, Beatles, and a whole bunch of others. I love to play my Gibson Flying V Guitar, and painting portraits. I am a huge lover of animals, especially the Snow Leopard. I love the ocean, and being outdoors. KK Downing is my dream man. I really love making things and learning new facts about history. I write stories all the time, and have over 40 notebooks full of stories. 
-What are your turn-ons on a man (personality traits): I really like a man with a very possitive out look on life. I like him to be confident with himself. A bit of a mischevous streak, and definitly someone who can joke and be joked with. I love a gentle, animal loving soul. And very romantic, even if he can be a bit cheesy about it. Also I love a good listener who can relate to me, and not be weirded out by my sometimes very strange ideas. An Art lover who is very deep and has a great amount of intelligence.  
-What are your turn-offs on a man (personality traits): I really hate it when a man has bad manners. And meanness of any kind, towards people or animals. I don't like a man who acts like he is superior to others. And lastly, I don't like a man who is snobbish.


Ps. I hope you can find me a match. :D

Stars, please find me my prince!

Stars, can you find my prince?

-Name: Sam
-Full date of birth (day-month-year format):
-Exact birth time:
3:00 AM
-City of Birth: Orland Park
-State of Birth (for those born in the US): Illinois
-Country of Birth: US
-Tell us some things about yourself (6-10 sentences are ok): I guess you could call me an artist, though I consider myself more of an idiot who can make pretty pictures with a pencil. I love Led Zeppelin. And Jimmy Page. And dragons. That explains my Dragon Suit fetish. Long hair on the right man is just about the sexiest thing ever, amirite? Er...What else...Oh yes, I also am a prod heterosexual supporter of bandslash gayness. It's hot.
-What are your turn-ons on a man (personality traits): I like them fun and funny, and not the type that take life very seriously. Intelligence and wit are added bonuses.
-What are your turn-offs on a man (personality traits): Dramatic, boring, serious, moody...Emoness. XD 

Reagan, Rea, what am I having for you?

Yeah, I have the Prince for you, tinyflowers!! OK, you know you're crushed on this Prince! But, yay, your involvement with him would promise a very tumultuous relationship in which you won't get bored!! I'll write your compatibility in a summary, so as not to fuck your brain up, hehehe!! :D
And your Prince is...

Stars, stars, who's her prince?Collapse )

Stars, please find me my prince!!

Feeling curious...

If you're not VERYY busy, I would like to know Tony Iommi's:
Placements (now you have a bigg homework)